Who Needs Feminism? Everybody!

Image source: vivelareine.tumblr.com

While looking through some information on one of the blogs dedicated to Marie Antoinette (vivelareine.tumblr.com), I came upon the image above, which was taken from a pamphlet that circulated after Marie Antoinette’s death.  As described below:

A ‘revolutionary’ engraving in memory of Marie Antoinette’s death, from the satirical pamphlet ‘Last testament of Marie Antoinette, the widow Capet.’

Engraved with the words: Head upside down! Ah! What a horrible fate!
I deserved it, but what a horrible death!

This pamphlet is a perfect example of the attitude that some of the political powers that be during The Terror had about Marie Antoinette, even though the problems plaguing France existed long before she even became Dauphine. The attitude led to a lot of misconceptions, many of which people still believe. It has only been recently that biographers like Dame Antonia Fraser have been able to disprove these myths and thus paint the doomed queen in a much more sympathetic light.

So when the question of, “Who needs feminism?” comes up again in conversation, here’s a perfect example of a woman who needed it, but who didn’t benefit from it until over two hundred years after her death.

These are just musings sometimes pop into my head, particularly right now with it being a presidential election year here in the United States.  Without getting too much into it, sometimes I’m not sure if everyone has really taken a step back and looked at the big picture when it comes to this.  It’s really comparable to an Impressionist painting: when you look at it up close, it’s seems messy, almost muddled, but when you take a few steps back and really take the time to look at it, it suddenly all makes sense.

I can’t tell you how this pamphlet about Marie Antoinette led to thoughts on this year’s presidential election, but I’ve been seeing some other things that I will write about another time.  This is all I have for now.


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