Writing Update for Week of 10/1/12

The goal this past weekend was to get The Sea of Glass  (the first novel) up to 25,000 words, which didn’t happen because–surprise!–I got sick and have been laid up for a few days.  However, I am feeling much, much better now and have started to outline the rest of the chapters so that, by next week this time, I ought to be at 25,000 words.

There were some surprises this week, though.  Madame Guillotine–author Melanie Clegg who has three ebooks out on Amazon so far–had one of my favorite authors, Sandra Gulland, guest post about her upcoming projects concerning Hortense de Beauharnais.  Of course I commented something to the effect of people being able to pull the Josephine series out of my cold, dead hands (yes, it’s that good), and Gulland asked if she could quote me.  I’m still over the moon about it; it’s just one of those things that when a favorite something or other of yours takes note of you, you are thrilled.  (These are two authors, incidentally, whose work helped me decide to get back into writing again and see where it takes me.)

So this is really about it, except that I have so many plots and ideas running around in my head right now and it’s hard to pick which one to work on next.  Sometimes it’s just good to get out the old spiral notebook, dedicate it to one particular idea, and start writing down thoughts to see where they lead.  There are two that I really want to get done for sure by this time next year, and a third that I would like to have started, so who knows where I’ll be by this date in 2013?


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