The Aimee Dubucq de Rivery Novel


So I just discovered the link between Aimee Dubucq de Rivery and Josephine de Beauharnais; they were cousins indeed.  Aimee’s father was a cousin of the Gaignerons Jolliment Marolles, who were distant cousins by marriage to Josephine.  So yes, I can pull this off in fiction!  Now there’s the question of figuring out the fictional birthdate (Aimee Augustine’s real birthdate was December 4, 1776); since there is some confusion with Marie-Marthe-Aimee and Aimee Augustine, I’m probably going to move the birth year to an earlier date.

But really, I need to stop being so anal about keeping everything “true to history” when this is supposed to be a historical fantasy and isn’t even supposed to be real at all.  It’s rather liberating because I can play with the timeline a little more, unlike with the Ripper novel, in which I want to keep the timeline as accurate as possible.  Nonetheless, when I’ve made satisfactory progress in either one, I will post a bit here and there.

Image of Aimee via


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