So You Want to Write (For Us)

Do you want to be a unicorn? Then come write for Persephone Magazine!

My Aim Is True

Persephone Magazine currently has openings for five new featured writers on our staff. Featured writers get a dedicated spot on our schedule every week to showcase their talent, drive, and issues. Are you a writer looking for a platform? A blogger looking to crosspost? A DIYer who wants to share their amazing projects with the world? We want to hear from you.While we welcome any and all inquiries to join our staff, we’re especially interested in writers who cover one or more of the following topics:



writer wearing pink leggings, legwarmers, rainbow sweater and scary unicorn mask

  • International news (particularly Africa)
  • International and domestic women’s issues
  • Feminist reviews for new films
  • Food writers
  • DIY and crafts
  • Lady gamers
  • Lady tech geeks
  • Humor writers
  • General weirdos who enjoy talking about the nerdy, the geeky, and the obscure


As these are featured writer slots, there will be an application process that will include a sample post and an interview…

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