Going Back to an Old Project

Edith Wharton.

Edith Wharton writing. Image via www.newyorker.com.

So I suppose I should cut to the chase and post the link to my current project, A Stranger Called Deathwhich is posted up at Wattpad and which I will be updating regularly.

Committing yourself to a new project is hard, particularly when you have so many ideas that pop up in your head at once at the most inopportune times.  It’s so hard to commit to a project when all of them seem so promising.

But this year I really want to finish what I started.  I’ve been looking at old drafts of something I had started working on last year about the Whitechapel murders, spiritualism, and ghosts.  It was going to be a supernatural thriller, and the idea was good, but I got lost in the middle as to how to execute it.

So I put the draft away and stepped back to work on other things.  And then it hit me: When you’re telling a story, you need to provide some exposition on who your characters are, where they came from, and how they got to where the story begins.  I was having a lot of trouble with executing this in what I called the Ripper project, because the heroine, Lucy, has a complicated, if not scandalous, past, which accounts for her sudden arrival in London to stay with her sister Kitty.  The Whitechapel murders can, of course, provide for a rather convoluted and compelling plot themselves, and somehow going through those months of the autumn of terror while slowly revealing what happened to Lucy back in New York City and her reasons for leaving didn’t seem to work well together.  They really were two different stories that needed to be told at two different times.

I decided it would be better to start with Lucy’s story and what occurs in New York.  So I started A Stranger Called Death, and which I am bound and determined to finish now that I have a series planned out.

Mademoiselle de St. Leon and Demimondaine are still in the works as well, but A Stranger Called Death is writing itself at the moment, so I am just letting it!


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