Facebook Refuses to Remove Page Memorializing Elliot Rodger

Since this past Friday, when Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger chose to exact his anger with pretty much the world in general and most of all at women for “rejecting him,” the news and the Internet have been abuzz with questions concerning the whys and the wherefores of this tragic event. The reasons for this young man’s rampage are numerous: lack of proper gun control, lack of proper care for what may have been mental illness, to what degree misogyny plays a part in violence against women, and how much the rhetoric of the men’s rights movement may have influenced Rodger.


While the general public is shocked and appalled at Rodger’s behavior, there are some who are applauding it and have even gone so far as to memorialize him with this Facebook page, an image of which is shown above. The Guardian reported that because of the number of reports received about the page, Facebook removed it, but as of this very moment, the page is still up. When I tried to report the page, Facebook responded with this:

Aside from the deeper reasons behind the shootings, to create a page memorializing Rodger’s sick actions shows a sick lack of regard for the victims and their families. Moreover, it’s quite crass to call Rodger a “true American hero” when really his actions are more on par with those of a domestic terrorist. This guy killed more people than the Boston Marathon Bombers did, innocent people who were just living their lives and going about their own business, just because he couldn’t get his way, because he was a selfish, entitled person who had no regard for other people. This is someone who wanted the thrill of playing God when it came to the decision of whether or not to take other people’s lives before he took his own. How is this something to be lauded and glorified, particularly on a day like today when many people are taking time to remember those who gave up their lives for causes greater than themselves?

I think many of us can agree that Rodger did was definitely horrible, and that his reasons for doing what he did were reprehensible. Instead of getting whatever help he may have needed for his issues, he chose to blame other people because it was easier. He chose to kill people because it was easier and because he wanted to go out with a bang and take some people with him. Someone who had such a gross disregard for human life and a gross disrespect for human autonomy should not be lauded, and Facebook should not allow itself to be a forum for glorifying such a thing.

Again, here is a link to the page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elliot-Rodger-is-an-American-hero/701140686598187. Please take the time to report it.

UPDATE: The Facebook “Like” page has since been removed. Thanks to all who reported it and made Facebook’s staff take a second look at it!



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